programs used: figma, after effects & cinema 4d
original brand elements produced by gameflow as
Gameflow is the home for all esports fans! a new premium platform on all devices, containing the
most thrilling and exciting esport titles in the industry.

 i had the amazing oppertunity to work with these talented visionaries and produce multiple showcase videos for both games and their own brand. what you will see in this post is the work of their own commercial that will go live on youtube and other social medias shortly.
a unique feature on gameflow is to personalize your own feed. by following your favorite games and teams, gameflow will automatically tailor the frontpage after your preferences.
gameflow does not hold back when it comes to delivering premium quality. macthes, statistics and information is easily available just a click away. supported by all platforms.
while waiting for the actual video to go live on social medias, i can only showcase small samples of the actual products. will update this post later.
thank you
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